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Watlington Community Primary School


We aim to develop and sustain pupils’ curiosity about the world, enjoyment of scientific activity and understanding of how natural phenomena can be explained.

Our main purpose of science education should be to enable every individual to make informed decisions, and to take appropriate actions, that affect their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of society and the environment. 

We have a knowledge-rich science curriculum, with scientific knowledge and skills based on the 2014 National Curriculum for Science.  We aspire for pupils to leave school with knowledge to be successful at secondary school and a desire to participate in science with a genuine interest in the discovery of new scientific knowledge and appreciation of how science impacts the lives of everyone.  

In Science we aim to build pupils’ science capital, not only in science lessons but beyond the classroom, including trip, visits, assemblies and competitions, enabling pupils to see how science affects our lives.  Scientific advances mean that future generations will need to be STEM-literate if they are to be active citizens who can participate in societal changes.  

We celebrated British Science week this year by taking part in the STEM East 'Build A bird' competition.   

Please see below for the Science rationale in full and Curriculum Plan for each year group. 

Useful science websites for learning revision and games:

KS2 -

KS1 -