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Watlington Community Primary School

Safeguarding & Attendance

At Watlington, we work together to safeguard children and keep them safe.

We all know that good school attendance has a positive impact on a pupils’ learning, we strive for all pupils to attend school every day.  We understand that children may be unwell and require time off occasionally. If this happens please ensure that you call by 8.30am in the morning on every day of absence and leave a message that clearly states:

  • Child’s name
  • Class
  • Reason for absence (if illness please specify the nature of the illness)

You may, if you prefer, email this information instead using the email: 

If the school does not have a reason for a child’s absence we will call home to confirm a reason. If we are unable to confirm the reason for absence we will log the absence as unauthorised. Please note, if any pupil is absent without an explanation for 10 consecutive days we are obliged to notify the Local Authority. 

Requests for leave of absence should be made through the school office.  The Headteacher may only authorise absence for exceptional circumstances. 

To help your child get the most from school, please avoid taking holiday during term time. Holidays will not be considered exceptional circumstances, more information on attendance and fixed penalty notices can be found below.

Please let us know if you require any support or wish to discuss your child’s attendance.