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Watlington Community Primary School

Pastoral Support

At Watlington, we understand that children need to feel safe and secure in order to learn.

We also know that new learning isn't always a curriculum subject such as maths or English.  

We have a fantastic pastoral support offer in school.  All children are offered pastoral support by their class teams. However, where a child requires a particular intervention to support them, they may visit Rainbow Room and have sessions with Mrs Young, our Pastoral Assistant. 

These are tailored to the individual needs of a child and sessions may involve: 

Some words of advice on supporting your child: 

  • Create time and space to allow your child to talk to you – every day if you can.
  • Talk about your emotions (at an age appropriate level). Children learn from us and need to know we have emotions too. If you would like further support with this, then please come and see me. I have a great (and simple) strategy to get you started!
  •  Don’t shy away from the big questions, yes these can be challenging, but always know you can respond with “ok let me have a think about that and I will get back to you later”. You don’t have to feel on the spot.
  • Finally, have fun with your child/young person. Don't get bogged down in day to day neccesities.  Take some time out with your young people and enjoy being together, it can be as simple as reading a story or doing some colouring.

Please see the attachment for more information on the interventions we offer. 


Separation Anxiety 

Please see some of the resources below on separation anxiety, we also recommend this book to support chidlren.