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Watlington Primary School

Primary School

Family Groups


As part of our family approach to learning, all children are place in a Family Group when they arrive in school. There are seven Families, each named after a mountain range. In each family there are children from every year group from Reception to Year 6.



Family Day


Every half term, the children enjoy Family Day where a fun aspect of learning is experienced through their Family Group. This provides mentoring, leadership, nurturing and ensures that children get to know other children than their own year group. Children travel around the school visiting every class teacher who provides a different session on the aspect of the topic. Older children support their younger friends in moving around the school and in ensuring that all the children can access the learning in each classroom. Family Day activities over the past few years have included a focus on: Mathematics, Playground Games, PSHE, History and Geography. After each day the children evaluate their learning through their Family Group at Family Circle and each day seems to be more successful than the last!

Our latest family Day was held on 14th November and was all about Position, Direction and Measurement. Some of the activities included estimating and measuring distances, using coordinates, measuring accurately to produce a robin and listening carefully to positional language. The children loved it!